Tailor-made packaging for Koppert Cress

After years of using thermoform packaging, Koppert Cress, a specialist grower from the Westland region, has joined forces with SFA Packaging from Middelharnis (NL) to switch to a new, unique custom injection mould packaging.

Joost Castenmiller, commercial director at SFA Packaging, explains:
‘I received this interesting request from our partner Snow Donuts (formerly BooM Creatives). As a design agency, they had been commissioned by Koppert Cress to design a new outer box to hold their well-known blue containers with seedlings. I was asked whether SFA could develop a new packaging that the blue containers would fit into. That turned out to be quite a challenge. The size of the blue containers had already been determined, as had the box dimensions. Furthermore, it was essential that people were still able to see the product from the outside. An additional challenge was to fit twelve containers inside one outer box. We therefore had to come up with something special. And we did. The side is open, for example, allowing the edge of the blue container to stick out. And the top of the box is at an angle, so you get a roof tile construction, as it were, for the edge seal. After the design was ready, we had 3D models made and actually placed them in the outer box to see if they would fit. The cooperation with all parties throughout the process went extremely well.’

Jan van Berkel, who coordinated the process within Koppert Cress, adds: ‘SFA really contributes to the thinking process and goes a step further than what I'm used to and, by doing so, plays a distinctive role. I found this to be a very refreshing experience.’

Castenmiller is very proud of the result, which the entire SFA team worked on with so much enthusiasm.

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