What's the best design for your packaging?

5 good reasons to redesign your packaging

#1 Less plastic. More sustainable product

A lot of packaging either contains an unnecessarily large amount of plastic or the packages can't be recycled. By redesigning your packaging, you can work with 100% recyclable plastic with minimum use of materials, making your total product more sustainable.

#2 Stand out on the shop shelf

Is your product catching the eye of the consumer between all the other packages on the shelf? Shelf analysis combined with creative design and common sense ensure your packaging stands out among the crowd.

#3 More user-friendly

Does the consumer actually like handling your product? In other words, does the packaging open easily? And does it reseal properly? Is the shape handy and is it sturdy to hold? Insights into your customers’ user experience can give your product packaging a new impulse.

#4 New, newer, newest

Do you have a completely new product that needs to be packaged? Or is it simply high time that your existing packaging is fully revamped? We design the ideal packaging for your product and make sure it can be produced. Sounds logical, right? Not always.

#5 Lower costs

Issues such as unnecessary use of materials, expensive manufacturing process and high transport or assembly costs mean that, for many products, there is plenty of room for improvement in terms of cutting costs. With our focus on efficient material usage and the fact that we have production facilities across Europe, we find the most cost-effective way to keep your packaging affordable.

How we approach a project

Design phase

After taking stock of the packaging requirements, we go through the following stages:

  1. creation of the design
  2. production of the prototype
  3. manufacture of the moulds

Feasibility phase

Our engineers determine beforehand whether the developed shape is technically feasible in the injection moulding process. The technical aspects of the production process are also carefully taken into account.

Production phase

After thorough preparation, the real work can begin: production. We stay closely involved throughout the entire process to ensure the packaging seamlessly integrates with the production line.

Packaging we are particularly proud of

SFA Packaging

Jan van Berkel, Koppert Cress

"De manier waarop SFA ons heeft geholpen met een nieuwe verpakking was geweldig. Ik heb zelden zo'n prettige en professionele samenwerking gehad met een leverancier."

Our favourite design experts

When creating new high-grade packaging, we love working with the masters of design at Snow Donuts.

Snow Donuts is an award-winning design agency with a passion for designing out-of-the-box packaging.

Interested in a new design?

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