New sprinkle container for Grozette powdered cheese

Grozette and SFA Packaging recently joined forces to embark on the successful development of a new sprinkle container for Grozette's tasty cheese powder. The development of this new packaging is given extra meaning with the launch of the new Grozette logo, which brings the shape and colour of early 19th century enamelled logos back to life and appeals to the company’s rich Dutch cheese heritage.

Key elements

Grozette had a number of key points that were vital in this new development.  The most essential condition was that the packaging had to be made out of one material in order to market a product that was 100% recyclable. In addition to this, the sleeve of the existing packaging needed to be replaced by an integrated label that, after the product is opened, maintains its shape and appearance. The lid would also need to get a tamper-evident seal, allowing the consumer to see at a glance when buying the product that it hadn't been opened before.

New logo and identity

At the heart of the new identity is the introduction of a new logo. The idea behind this new logo is to pay tribute to Grozette's rich Dutch cheese history. The shape and colour reach back to earlier times of enamel logos from the 19th century. Grozette was the first company to bring powdered cheese into the Dutch kitchen. With this restyle, the logo has once again become an accessible icon on the dinner table. “This is partly thanks to its rounded shape that discretely resembles a smile”, says the logo's designer. And the name of the Grozette cheese powder has changed too, from Formaggio da Pasta to Grozette Cheese Sprinkles. “We want to put something delicious on the table you can enjoy every day. Cheese sprinkles of Grozette are the ideal flavouring for every dish made from real cheese with real taste!” The cheese sprinkles are perfect for pasta recipes, but also taste great on other food, such as vegetable dishes or a mash. Grozette Cheese Sprinkles Classic is available in containers of 175 grams and 80 grams.

The design

Using the above as its point of departure, SFA Packaging developed a container that meets all the conditions essential to Grozette. Both the container itself and the measuring lid, as well as the printing (the In-Mould label) are made of the same material (polypropylene). This means the entire packaging can be brought back to a granulate after use, forming the basis for new plastic packaging. The sleeve has been replaced by an In-Mould label that melts completely into the container during the production process. Thanks to the outstanding printing quality, IML forms the basis of the desired shelf appeal, enhancing the effect of the new logo and the product itself even further. What’s more, sprinkling exactly the right amount of cheese over a dish is now easier than ever before with the help of the ingenious double-sided opening system in the lid.


Grozette B.V. has been producing a variety of powdered and grated cheeses for the food industry, food service and retail since 1963. SFA Packaging has over 20 years’ experience in the packaging industry, with a clear focus on injection moulded packaging for the food industry. In addition to its wide range of standard packaging, SFA has a wealth of expertise in developing tailor-made concepts. “The combination of extensive experience in the packaging sector and the expertise in the area of tailor-made packaging helped in our decision to choose SFA Packaging”, says manager of Planning & Control Jeffrey van Vugt. “SFA has proven itself as a valuable partner in this project, with a proactive approach and a strong desire to achieve maximum quality and service”.

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