Synthetic packaging

Synthetic packaging protects your products against the effects of light, moisture and the conditions of transport and storage. It ensures that your products reach the shelves undamaged and that they remain in good condition for as long as possible. Moreover, synthetic packaging is now also produced cheaply and sustainably. It is therefore not surprising that synthetics have been a top choice for packaging material for years.

At SFA Packaging, we have the largest range of injection moulded packaging in Europe: from cups and containers to buckets, pots and dishes. The packaging is available with different properties, in various sizes, and standard or custom-made models. It is also sustainably produced and 100% recyclable. View the range of synthetic packaging now and discover the ideal containers for your products!

Versatile material

Synthetic packaging is extremely versatile. Not only in terms of shape and size, but also in terms of finishing. You can, for example, choose a container with or without a lid. Sealable or not sealable, and suitable for the microwave or freezer if necessary. You can also have your packaging printed with in-mould labelling (IML), whereby we incorporate the label into the packaging. This is more hygienic, stronger, and more environmentally friendly than a sticker or sleeve. In short, the possibilities are almost endless and can be fully tailored to your needs.

And sustainable!

Our synthetic packaging is not only strong and convenient, but it is also produced sustainably. This is important to us, which is why the reuse, reduce & recycle principles guide us. This means that our 100% recyclable containers are also reusable and that less material is needed to produce them without compromising on quality. For a better world tomorrow.

More about our synthetic packaging

Want to know what we can do for your business with our synthetic packaging? We are happy to help you find a packaging option that does justice to your products and that stands out on the shelf. Even if this means developing a custom-made container or producing a small quantity. We would love to hear about your specific wishes. Please feel free to contact us for advice without obligation.

Why we always have the right packaging for you

Widest range of injection moulded packaging in Europe

Cylinders, buckets, containers. Round, square, oval, rectangular. Large or small. With or without lid. With or without seal. Resealable or non-resealable. With or without print. For manual, semi-automated or fully automated processing. We can confidently say that we can deliver virtually any packaging.

Also for smaller quantities

Even though each year we deliver millions of packages per year to major international customers, you can also order your packaging in smaller quantities, for example in the thousands or even hundreds. What's more, since we have moulds for the most commonly used models, we can keep costs low.

100% recyclable plastic

At SFA we firmly believe that, as a supplier, we have as much responsibility as our customers to do everything within our ability to improve sustainability. To achieve our goals, we apply the reduce, reuse, recycle principles. Using 100% recyclable plastic is an important way to make a positive contribution.

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The possibilities at a glance

We can go on and on about everything we can do with our packaging, but perhaps you first want an overview of the possibilities:

  • Packaging contents from 25 millilitres to 62 litres
  • Ascending volume capacities for each packaging size
  • Tamper-evident seal/closure
  • Sealable underneath special seal lid
  • Suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher
  • Waterproof packaging available
  • High-quality printing with unlimited screen gradient
  • Label printing with food-approved ink
  • Free conditioned storage of labels
  • Labels optimally positioned
  • Affordable preparation costs
  • Combination printing possible

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