We maximise sales results with sustainable packaging

We maximise sales results with sustainable packaging

Driven by innovation and cooperation

Ever since the beginning, innovation and cooperation have been at the core of SFA’s goals and have played a major role in us being able to produce millions of packaging products for many brands. Innovation, so that we can continuously improve the packaging of our customers. Cooperation because, in our view, it is the only way to achieve the desired results. And as far as we're concerned, it's the most gratifying way to do business.

More eye-catching, more user-friendly, more sustainable....less expensive

We believe that a product's sales results are determined to a large extent by its packaging. Packaging is never finished. It is a constant challenge to create more user-friendly product packaging, to make it stand out more on the shelf, to make it more sustainable, to produce or transport it more efficiently, and to integrate it smarter into the production line.

Innovation is therefore the key to every packaging's success.


How we work

To achieve the best results for the product packaging, close cooperation is of vital importance. Whether it concerns ordering and delivering a standard packaging or developing a completely new packaging range, working with SFA is characterised by speed, accuracy and a pleasant partnership.

That's why our credo is: Why make life difficult when we can work together?

Sustainability is our responsibility too

As a leading supplier of plastic packaging, we are well aware of the impact that plastic has on our environment. It also offers us a very good reason to make our packaging more sustainable in a variety of ways.

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For many products, there is simply no better packaging alternative than plastic packaging. There are products currently on the market that are packed in cans, glass or cartons, for which plastic packaging would be a more sustainable option. For all these products, SFA uses 100% recyclable plastic packaging.

Another way of making packaging more sustainable is by reducing the amount of material used to a minimum. Many products you currently see on the shop shelves can still be significantly improved in this sense.

In addition, SFA collaborates with renowned institutes such as Wageningen University & Research/Food & Biobased Research (WUR), Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) and the Dutch Biopolymer Application Centre (BAC) for developing biobased injection moulded packaging.


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