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A renewed, sustainable shaker for JOZO

We proudly present the new JOZO Shaker for its 300 gram salt packaging. This new packaging has been created in close collaboration with SFA Packaging, where the assignment was to develop future-proof sustainable packaging without compromising the appearance of the product.



The reuse of packaging materials is an important aspect in the development of sustainable and future-proof packaging. Account must be taken of the way in which packaging can be recycled after use. The use of one type of material is crucial here, because in most cases the separation of packaging consisting of several materials is not possible and therefore simply ends up in the incinerator. By using just one type of material for the entire packaging, it can be fully recycled after use.


In concrete terms, this means that the new JOZO Salt packaging consists of one type of material from head to toe; this applies to the shaker, the dosing lid and the label. In this way JOZO contributes to a sustainable future.

Innovating design

Based on the aforementioned principles, SFA Packaging has developed a Shaker that meets all the conditions set. Both the can, the dosing cap and the printing (the InMould label) consist of the same material (polypropylene), whereby the complete packaging can be returned to granulate after use and can serve as the basis for a new plastic packaging.

The paper label has been replaced by an InMould label (IML) that completely fuses with the shaker during the production process. Thanks to the excellent printing quality, IML forms the basis for the desired appearance, whereby both the logo and the displayed content come into their own.

The dosing cap enables the consumer to fine-tune the desired amount of salt to the dish, by using an ingenious two-valve system.

Collaboration based on years of experience

JOZO has enriched people's lives with a pinch of love since 1929, making JOZO's salt range an indispensable companion in the kitchen. In its long history JOZO has mastered the art of producing various grades of salt to perfection.

SFA Packaging has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, with a clear focus on injection molded packaging for the food industry. In addition to a wide range of standard packaging, SFA has a lot of expertise in developing tailor-made concepts.


Looking for sustainable packaging?

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